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My Activities and Games are perfect for

  • Community Events
  • Markets and Festivals
  • OSHC Vacation Care Incursions
  • School Incursions
  • and Corporate Bookings

South East Queensland is my home, servicing the

  • Gold Coast
  • Logan
  • Redlands
  • Brisbane
  • and surrounds

Residents of Logan! I’m thrilled to be offering free Frisbee Golf sessions, generously supported by KRANK, the Logan City Council School Holiday Program.
Learn the throwing techniques to become a pro and then make your way around the Frisbee Golf course and count your scores.
Parents/carers required to stay for the duration of the activity.
Friday 12 April 2024
Logan Central: 9am to 10am is for 5 to 11 years, 10am to 11am is for 12 to 17 years.
Greenbank: 2pm to 3m is for 5 to 11 years, 3pm to 4pm is for 12 to 17 years.
It’s ok for mixed aged siblings and friends to join the same session.
Please click here for the KRANK_Individual_Registration_Form_fillable.
Please click here for the KRANK_Family_Registration_Form_fillable.
Please email your completed documents to and wait for confirmation.
The confirmation email will contain all of the event details.
These sessions are Generously supported by KRANK, the Logan City Council School Holiday Program.

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Hi, I’m Sparky. I have been delivering awesome activations in SE Queensland since 2012.

I have designed and built the majority of my kit, with the intent of creating unique and engaging experiences for all ages.

I am very flexible with what I can deliver – and have a variety of different programs.

I create Activity Zones at family fun days, street events and markets;

And offer Incursions to Primary Schools and Vacation Care programs.

Please find links below to specific information, or keep scrolling to see my unique collection of Activities and Games.

Entertainment for Events

The Pop-Up Playgrounds we create are a mobile collection of activities and games that have all been designed to engage people of different ages, interests and abilities.

I always operate as a free activity for participants and manage the area for general safety and to share skills.

I provide services to councils, markets, corporate, private and community groups.

Event Entertainment

School Incursion

Primary School Incursions

My school incursions are unique, fun, challenging and developmental.

I am booked for Reward Days, Wellness Days, Under 8’s, Sports Carnivals, End of Year Celebrations, Camps and Family Fun Days.

My “Active Pack” is best on grass and includes physical activities suitable for Prep to Year 6.

My “Skill Master Pack” is used indoors and contains games of strategy and skill suitable for Year 2 to Year 6.

Please click for more information on my School Incursions throughout South East Queensland.

School Incursions

Vacation Care OSHC Incursion

Vacation Care OSHC Incursions

With many years experience delivering OSHC Incursions, I have tailored a kit of activities and games that offers something for every child. Independent creatives can drift between stations as they please, while the competitive team players can explore the challenges together. 

My incursions are engaging, developmental and offer a truly unique experience.

Please click for more information on my Vacation Care OSHC Incursions throughout South East Queensland.

OSHC Vacation Care Incursions

Game Master

My Game Master collection of activities provides opportunity for two player Battles of Strategy and Skill.

These games suit a controlled environment, and encourage friendly competitive fun between family and friends.

These unique physical and mental challenges offer an even playing field between competitors, as no game is geared to favour speed or strength.

The games are best suited for Children from 8 years to Adult. 

Please click for more information on my Game Master collection.

Game Master

Sparky’s Juggle Jam

My Juggle Jam is perfect for Markets, Festivals, Street Events, Incursions and Corporate bookings.

It is a fun and supportive introduction to Juggling sticks, Clubs, Balls, Poi and Spinning Plates.

I can deliver to an organised group, where we progress through a series of developmental tricks together, or create an Activity Area at a public event for people to come and go as they please.

Adults have just as much fun as children.

Please click for more information on my Juggle Jams.

Sparky’s Juggle Jam

Frisbee Golf

My Frisbee Golf kit is suitable for Schools, Vacation Care, Private and Corporate bookings.

We begin with a variety of throwing and catching challenges to build confidence and skills.

When participants are ready, they take on the Frisbee Golf course and count their throws.

It’s just like Putt Putt, but with Frisbees.

Please click this button for further information on Frisbee Golf.

Frisbee Golf

Games of Skill

I have designed and built many games of skill over the years.

They travel together collectively as “The Roll-Up Sideshow” but I am most often picking and choosing certain games to suit specific situations. This collection of games encompass the Games Master collection (head to head battles) and Brain Games collections (Strategy based games).

Please click for more information my Games of Skill collection.

Games of Skill

Brain Games

This collection of activities all require focus and strategy. They suit environments where people can easily hear the instructions and play without pressure.
Libraries, Pubs and Clubs, School Incursions and private bookings.

Please click for more information on my Brain Games collection.

Brain Games

Under 5 Tiny Tots

This collection of activities and games are perfectly suited for young children aged 1 to 5 years.

I have worked for Early Years education centres and messy play days, but often set up a suitable space for toddlers within a larger event.

I use a lot of different equipment, so children can bounce from activity to activity as they please.

Please click for more information on my Brain Game collection.

Under 5 Tiny Tots

Risk Management and Insurance

I have extensive Risk Management documentation that covers my Activities and Operations.
This is provided with my 20M Public Liability Insurance Certificate and Blue Card when booking.

Extreme due diligence has been applied to the design, construction and usage of my activities. Each piece is inspected before and after use, supported by a scheduled cleaning and maintenance program.

A Sparky Do Dah representative is always on-site during an event to watch for potential hazards and help each person to develop the skills to ensure continued safe engagement. I never dry-hire equipment.

No children are ever signed into our care. At Schools and OSHC the children remain the responsibility of the organisation. At public events, Parents are required to supervise their children at all times. We facilitate the delivery of the activity only.


We have worked for all of the Councils in SE Queensland, as well as a number or community service organisations, retail businesses, markets, festivals and schools.

Please click Sparky Do Dah clients to see a list.


Having started Sparky Do Dah in 2012, I have worked with tens of thousands of people in a wide variety of settings.
Many people have sent messages after their engagement, and you can read these testimonials via this link.