Event Entertainment

The Pop-Up Playground

My Pop-Up Playground is a package of activities and games tailored to suit your event. After discussing the event particulars with you, I pick and choose a kit from the selection below to create the best experience I can for your attendees.

I have designed and built a range of games to engage people of different ages, interests and abilities, and it is common to see toddlers through to the elderly all actively participating side by side.

I always operate as a free activity for participants, where people can come and go as they please. I manage the area for general safety.

I provide services to councils, markets, corporate, private and community groups.

Service Area

I am based in South East Queensland, servicing the Gold Coast, Logan, Brisbane, Redlands, Scenic Rim and Morton Bay.

Activites and Games


Wow! You’ve Grown! My stilts are a challenging activity that develop confidence and coordination. Most children are trying them for the first time, and many adults pick up where they left off 30 years ago.

Juggling Sticks

Juggling Sticks can be used by all ages. There are very simple rolling tricks for the little ones, right up to pro-level tricks for those more able. I teach the tricks in a specific order, and only progress when the participant is capable.

Skee Ball

Hours of Fun! Skee Ball is always popular from start to finish of every event.

Puppet Theatre

This game of imagination offers a creative outlet from the physical challenges that surround it. Toddlers love the tactile nature of play, and can be challenged by naming the different animals and the sounds they make. Older children enjoy making up stories and putting on shows for family and friends.

Tiger Feet

Look Out! There is a Tiger Behind You! These foam feet are fun for a frolic. They help young children develop coordination and confidence.

Tandem Striders

It’s team-work time! It can be fun watching two children work through the logistics to make the magic happen themselves, but I am always on hand to give assistance if required. 1, 2, 1, 2.

Ring Toss

Ring Toss can be enjoyed by everyone from toddlers to adults. The youngest ones enjoy the shapes and form, with more capable players choosing the distance from which to make it a challenging throw.

Ninja Tennis

The goal is to throw the tennis balls so they wrap around the ladder. There are throwing techniques for all skill levels, and difficultly can easily be increased by standing further away to throw. Parents and kids love playing this game together.

Ball Toss

This is a fun game for toddlers and children. The squishy balls can be placed or thrown through the holes. The target holes vary in size and score so capable players can play for points. This simple game mixes the elements of risk, reward, luck, skill and maths.

Hula Hoops

Hula Hoops are super fun. You can do lots and lots of different tricks with them.

Balance Beam

My wiggly balance beam is simple in form, but offers a variety of challenges for all ages. The youngest children are thrilled walking from one end to the other. Older children can try walking sideways, back-ways, eyes closed and by stepping over specific colours.

Animal Bouncers

Unicorns, Dinosaurs, Horses and Cows – Sparky’s farm has all sorts of animals for the little ones to ride. These Animal Bouncers are only used at events with toddlers, soft grass and ample space. Children over 5 years are asked to keep off them.

Bugs in Resin

Perfect for nature-based events, this collection of bugs in resin draws the interest of young and old. They are able to be handled and examined. I name different insects and get the children to find them, and point out interesting facts and stories about some of the bugs.

Touch Tank

Perfect for nature-based events, my touch tank allows people to explore and examine different textures and forms. They are broken into the Forest, the Sea, Rocks and Trees. If the event set up allows, I play games such as putting blindfolds on the children and placing a variety of objects in their hands as a tactile guessing game.