Primary School Incursions

I offer 2 Primary School Incursions throughout South East Queensland.

  • The Pop-Up Playground – physical activities and games for Prep to Year 6.
  • Skill Master – Carnival Games of Strategy and Skill for Year 2 to Year 6.

My Pop-Up Playground works best on grass to accomodate the physical nature of play.
It works well with 1 or 2 classes in a session, or as a Come and Go activity if I am part of a bigger event.
Pictures of the activities in this kit are shown below.
My Skill Master Incursion works best Indoors or Undercover, catering for 1 or 2 classes in a set length session.
Pictures of the activities in this kit are shown below.

I have activated successfully for;
  • Under 8’s Days
  • Wellness Days
  • Reward Days
  • End of Year Celebrations
  • Sports Carnivals
  • School Discos
  • Movie Nights
  • Camps
  • Carnivals and Fetes

Activities in my Pop-Up Playground Incursion

Juggling Sticks

There are suitable tricks for all ages using Juggling Stick. From Rolling to Flipping.

Skee Ball

Roll the ball with the correct direction and speed to hot your target.

Puppet Theatre

A creative outlet off to the side of the busy play.


Stilts are a challenging activity that develop confidence and coordination.

Tiger Feet

A fun way to develop coordination and confidence.

Tandem Striders

It’s team-work time!

Hula Hoops

There are many challenges to learn with a simple hula hoop.

Ball Toss

The soft balls can be thrown through different sized holes. Able children can count their scores.

Balance Gear

Balance beams, wobble boards and spinning disks.

Ring Toss

A fun game for all ages with increased difficulty achieved by taking backward steps.

Ninja Tennis

The goal is to throw the balls so they tangle on the fence.

Stop Ball

Can you get the ball to Stop in the middle?

Tic Tac Toe

The classic Noughts and Crosses is a great way to develop strategy in game play.

Battle Bridge

This is a strategy game using simple math.

Pack A Box

Can you pack all of the little boxes neatly into the bigger box?

Bull Ring

Who will be first to swing the ring onto the hook?

Activities in my Skill Master Incursion

Live Wire

It takes a steady hand and nerve to get the handle from one side of the live wire to the other.

Street Racer

How far can you drive your ball down the street?

Stop Ball

The challenge is to be the first to roll the ball to settle in the centre.

Roller Ball

How fast and far can you roll the ball down the ladder?

Bull Ring

A high pressure challenge to see who can be first to swing the ring onto the hook.

Space Mouse

Can you help Space Mouse transport his cargo through the planet of cheese?

Tutti Frutti

Who will be first to roll the ball with the perfect amount of force?

Shake, Rattle and Roll

A fine-motor challenge of getting the numbered balls into the handle in the correct order.


A strategy game with players striving for 4 in a row. But big pieces can capture little pieces, and you can reposition playfield pieces. =

Pack a Box

The goal is to pack all of the little boxes neatly in the bigger box.

Battle Bridge

Two opponents take turns picking up 1, 2, or 3 sticks. Whoever picks up the last stick has lost.

Peg Solitaire

A single player strategy game.

Flip It

A fast and fun math game.

Skee Ball

Roll the balls with the correct direction and speed to hit the targets.

Knock Em Down

A classic carnival game where the challenge is to get a strike.


I am very flexible in my delivery, with kits to suit Grass, Hard surfaces and Indoors.


I have worked for these Schools during the term, or at their Vacation Care program during the School Holidays.

  • Ipswich West State School
  • Somerset College
  • St Augustines Primary School
  • Good News Lutheran School
  • Hillcrest Christian College
  • Kings Christian College
  • Miami State School
  • Robina State School
  • Merrimac State School
  • Coomera Rivers State School
  • Broadbeach State School
  • Banora Point Primary School
  • Coolangatta State School
  • St Andrews Lutheran College
  • Caningeraba State School


My paperwork is ready to go.

  • 20M Public Liability Insurance
  • Risk Management documentation
  • Blue Card

Vacation Care OSHC

I also provide also provide OSHC Vacation Care Incursions. You will find full details on those incursions via the link.