Julia – For a wholesome good time with your kids, where you walk away feeling that it was well worth the time, I highly recommend Sparky!

Jodie – I’m absolutely thrilled about a carnival that encourages children to be children. I loved watching my kids at play, learning new things and creating fun memories – and the healthy food and drinks were a massive bonus. Well done Sparky! It’s about time someone came up with a great idea like this. We can’t wait to share another family day with you soon.

Karina – Well done Sparky. What a great vision and what a fun day! The kids had a blast.

Genevieve – What a great day, my girls loved it! We will definitely be at the next one. Very well organized and a good variety of activities.

Claire – My 2 munchkins had a great adventure today. Lots of fun and very educational at the same time.

Niki – We went on a Natural Adventure with Sparky at Karawatha Forest in Brisbane last week and would definitely recommend it to others with young children.

Gaby – What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon with the kids. My girls had a great time with Sparky Do Dah and his many activities. Lots and lots of laughter and adventures. Highly recommended it and will definitely be going back for another visit. Thank you Sparky Do Dah!

Adrienne – The group activity my grandson and I attended yesterday were all well organised and well resourced. The children were kept busy, active and entertained with a variety of activities. We all had a ball!

Stefania – I participated in the Natural Adventure at Karawatha Forest with my daughter during our visit to Brisbane. We are visiting from Europe and we love the Nature here. Sparky made it even more interesting with Lots of cool games and activities. We both loved it.

Ai Ling – I would like to say million thanks to you for organising the “Natural Adventure” at Karawatha Forest. This is the type of activity that we like the most and I would like my girl to join.

Elena – It was a wonderful experience for my kids. They had so much educational play and fun. Definitely recommend ‘Sparky Do Dah’ to family and friends.

Pauline – My granddaughters had a ball on your Natural Adventure. The 2 hours went so quickly because you kept their interest, a pretty mean feat for that age group. Well done!

Tiffany – Thank you so much for yesterday. You did an amazing job. The kids had a blast! I will recommend you to everyone.

Melissa – Thank you for a great afternoon. My girls had a ball and were well and truly worn out! Such a great thing to have for the kids.

Heidi – The party was very well received and everyone is still talking about it. Thank you so much for all of your effort and expertise, you have a real knack with kids.

Suzanne – My 2 children have loved joining you on your natural adventures. Your endless patience and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated.

Melissa – My kids all enjoyed their time with you in Varsity. It was so refreshing to see the kids showing an enthusiastic interest in nature and each other as they explored the park. You are an inspiring role model for kids and we are looking forward to coming along to more of your outings and having more regular nature play at our place.

Lynne – I love the energy you displayed on the Nature Adventure, and the awareness about nature and the environment imparted to the kids. Education and fun all rolled into one!

Claudine – My daughters and I had a wonderful time at the Beechmont Natural Adventure with Sparky Do Dah over the holidays. We hope to do a fun-filled activity with you again soon.

Sarah – Was a great Nature Play event up at Syd Duncan Park. It was such a fabulous variety of age appropriate outdoor activities and Sparky was very engaging for the children. My children thoroughly enjoyed their morning.

Dallas – Again, sensational. The passion Sparky shows is wonderful and all of the kids have such a great time on his Natural Adventures – never mind the other positives of being active and outdoors.

Rebecca – Since I first introduced my 5 year old to Sparky’s Natural Adventures I make sure I book my daughter into at least one every holidays. My 2 year old loves to tag along and it’s always a great day out.

Angela – I just wanted to share how much we loved you at Verdelles 4th party on the weekend. Your energy, games, lovely natural personality and obvious kid magnetism were a huge hit. Everyone had a ball. Will definitely recommend and use your services again. Thanks heaps!

Robyn – Thank you for providing fantastic entertainment for Emma’s birthday party! The kids loved it – apparently they talked about it for days at school. Love your work!

Emily – Sparky Do Dah’s Natural Adventure was by far the best kids activity we have ever attended on the Gold Coast. Sparky’s natural affinity with children, his deep knowledge of the natural world and his warmth and charisma made for a wonderful experience for both children and parents alike. There is not enough of this kind of thing on the Coast.

Mandy – Awesome Day! My 4 had the best time!

Alison – What a great carnival today, everyone really enjoyed themselves. Can’t wait for the next one!

Leah – I wanted to send a big thank you to Sparky Do Dah for entertaining the kids (and adults) at our recent birthday party. There was definitely an activity for every age group – no easy feat – and we’ve had many positive comments from those who attended about how much fun they had. Thanks so much once again for helping to make our party a huge success!

Sandra – You were an absolute hit sensation for both kids and parents at our birthday party. It was lovely to sit back and have you run the show. Not only did I get to enjoy everyone having fun but I was able to join in and have some too. It can be hard to find an entertainer that caters to everyone but you certainly did it. Even the parents were up having a go and laughing away! It was such a pleasure to see the joy you bring and I would not hesitate to recommend you to everyone I know.

Cindy – My daughters had a brilliant time exploring the great outdoors at Karawatha Forest. I loved seeing them fully engaged in the fast-moving, fun and varied outdoor activities and would highly recommend the experience to others. Thank you Sparky for what you do for and with kids helping them to better connect with their environment.

Mischa – My children had a fantastic time with Sparky Do Dah on the weekend. Although the group was large and ages of children varied, every activity sparked the children’s interests. A full 2 hr event, where even my 3 yr old was constantly engaged. Activities were short enough to maintain interest and focus, yet long enough for the children to get a taste of the challenge. A fantastic afternoon that we would love to do again.

Amelia – Thank you so much for an amazing Carnival! My 4 year old absolutely LOVED every single activity that she did! It was so relaxing and fun for the adults as well and I loved that I could buy food for lunch that I knew wouldn’t send the kids nutty or crashing later from the sugar high. It was the perfect antidote to the kids events that are usually on offer on the Gold Coast. THANK YOU for having these ideas and for having the initiative to put them into practice.

Kathryn – Great event for young kids, full of light and bright characters and many fun things to do.

Chelsea – Thanks so much for having my two children on your Burleigh Natural Adventure. It was such a terrific event and enabled us to get outdoors for a fun activity. The kids loved all your games. Your walk gave us a great excuse to enjoy the beautiful Gold Coast beach-side natural surroundings and walk up to Burleigh hill which is something we’d never done before. We met some lovely people and will tell our friends to join us next time.

Elisabete – The only thing that I have to say is that the kids LOVED IT! My 2 kids enjoyed all the experience of learning so many new things in a place that is so familiar to them. Now, every park is a place to try and find new things. I admire your patience and how you managed to keep all those kids engaged for so long. You must be very proud of what you do! Thank you for your attention and care.

Sally – The party was amazing, thank you so much. Both the kids and parents can’t stop talking about it. One mum’s message to me last night, “Thanks so much for a great party, the twins had a blast and can’t stop watching the video back of the day”. The best part was the variety of activities the kids could choose from to keep them engaged. For a crazy bunch of kids you did a great job keeping them occupied with lots of fun stuff.

Charlton – Thank you for connecting my 5 year old with nature and outdoor play. You provided a good blend of fact fun and outdoor games; and you managed to keep a broad age range captivated. You are clearly passionate about the Connection to a Natural Childhood.

Cindy – Thank you Sparky! My son told me how the ants work by the scent trails this morning when he saw me putting a jar of honey in a dish with water to prevent ants from getting into it. He remembers your explanation on that ant nest we saw at Karawatha Forest last Saturday! Any little information will help to stimulate the children in a positive way. Please continue your passion and hope all kids know about your program. Less screen more green, I totally agree!

Mary-Jane – Sparky Do Dah adventures are always a high point in our holidays. They are fun and educational, familiar (so the children can practice similar skills) but also different each time. Sparky manages to capture the attention of the children, be engaging and keep them interested, and sparks their interest to find out more answers independently. I would definitely recommend his activities – pop up playgrounds, natural adventures or anything he endorses.

Elena – I would like to thank you for a fabulous party. You have a brilliant way with children. Serge said “Thank you for making my birthday party the best one ever!” All of you activities are suitable for different age groups, with many adults acting like kids and all of us having fun.

Jane – Sparky Do Dah facilitated my little girls birthday on Sunday. It was fabulous! I couldn’t recommend this as a well-valued party option more highly. If you are a parent who would prefer your kids birthday party to involve running around outside in a lovely park versus the confines of a dark, germ ridden play centre this is answer! My family and I were blown away by the wonderful variety of games and activities available. The adults had fun too – the wooden stilts were an absolute hit.

Carlos – We had our sons 5th birthday on the weekend and the party was a success! Everyone was so involved. The kids loved it. They let their imagination run free and were not shy to try all the different games. Even the adults were part of the party and that made it awesome! Thanks Sparky man for cheering up the kids and pleasing such a difficult crowd.

Lauren – It was great just to sit back and let Sparky guide the kids through the different activities. There was just the right balance of games and free play. It was fantastic to have a set up that could be used from toddler right through to the adults. Sparky was so easy to work with, and came prepared with options in case of wet weather. He kept up the momentum for the whole party and there were lots of very happy children at the end. Thank you!

Samantha – Sparky came and entertained for our daughter’s 6th and 8th joint birthday parties yesterday and we cannot be more pleased with how the day turned out. Sparky is energetic, fun and hands-on helpful with the kids. They all loved his energy and charisma and had a blast (to say the least)! Sparky, we cannot thank you enough for the wonderful efforts you put in to entertaining nearly 30 children – aged from 12 months to 10 years and all ages had a ball! Sparky you did a MARVELLOUS JOB and we will definitely be recommending you to all our friends and most certainly booking you again. Thank You!

Dwayne – It was such a great day. The kids had fun. Can’t wait till the next time! Well done to you.

Melissa – Great seeing the kids loving and learning about the outdoors and being inspired. Our kids didn’t want to leave – well done Sparky!

Simon – My kids had an absolute ball on Sparky Do Dah’s natural adventure. His activities and games kept them very interested and taught them a great deal about the local fauna and flora. I wouldn’t hesitate to attend another one of his adventures.

Erin – My daughter attended the wetlands adventure day in highland reserve. Sparky was wonderful with the kids and made learning about the habitat exciting and interesting. A great day!

Rebecca – My kids had a great time on your Natural Adventure. It was well organised and a lot of fun. Thank you.

Ranti – Thank you so much for the Birthday Party! You made it so easy for us to finally get to enjoy a party with the other parents while the kids were fully entertained. They all had a blast and still can’t stop talking about it! And the compliments we’ve been receiving are just non stop! What you did for the party was beyond amazing!

Lee-Ann – Thanks for an amazing morning! The kids loved it and can’t stop telling dad about all the fun they had and everything they learned! You are Awesome!

Tahnee – Thank you so much for today, it was unreal. Amazing comments from the kids this afternoon and then all the messages I have gotten from the parents tonight telling me what a great party it was. I really appreciate how much effort you went to and how much stuff you actually bring along. It is crazy. You are really great at what you do.

Mike – Thanks Sparky, we all had so much fun! It was great to play outside in the park and have a couple of hours of entertainment. The games and activities were a hit. Oh and I should mention the Kids had a ball too!

Loiuse – My little girl attended your school holiday activity at Karawatha park. She had a fantastic time. I was very impressed you were able to entertain children of all ages. We will definitely book in again. Thanks for your energy and enthusiasm towards the children.

Lauren – You did a fantastic job at Elle’s party! Everyone had a great time (particularly the kiddies). Thanks again for your time and for dealing with the heat so well. I will absolutely recommend you to my friends.

Mel – Thank you so much for this afternoon. Thomas loved his Sparky Do Dah party. What an amazing job you did! You are a great entertainer and the kids all thought you were awesome!

Sarah – We hired Sparky Do Dah for my 2 boys joint birthday party (4 and 6). We had at least thirty kids attend and it was pouring with rain for the first hour. Sparky was such a trooper and in his rain coat, had all the kids participating and having the best time. It was even better then the sun came out and they could play more games. Would definitely recommend him for any kids party.

Kerrie – Thank you Sparky Do Dah for coming to Levi and Baileys birthday. You were certainly the star of the show and all the kids (and adults) very much enjoyed you being there. The kids ranged in ages from 3 to 8 and all your activities definitely catered for them all and kept them all occupied and playing for the whole 2 hours. The best part for me was actually relaxing a little and being able speak to the other Mums and Dads. I would and already have recommended your party services to other friends and family.

Rach – I just wanted to thank you so much for braving the weather to entertain nearly 40 kids on the weekend. Everyone kept telling me how impressed they were with all the activities and games you included, and how different the party was – in a good way. Gone were the lines waiting to get their faces painted or balloons made and that was exactly what I was hoping for. Everyone had so much fun – even the adults!

Mat – Thanks again for yesterday, it was a great success! Everyone had a wonderful time. All the mums were wonderfully impressed with your service.

Naomi – The girls, boys and adults all had a fabulous time with the activities that Sparky planned for the kids attending our party. Sparky developed a rapport with all kids, even the shyest. Highly recommend.

Lauren – The kids had an absolute blast and I got so many comments from parents about how great it was. I have recommended you to all of them and know quite a few are keen to book with you. Thank you for everything! Even though the rain got in the way, we could not have had it happen as well as it did without you.

Narelle – Thank you so much for a great party. You do a fabulous set up for the children, and all the parents commented on the fantastic range of activities. I look forward to booking you again.

Kate – Thank You so much for today. It was great and the kids had a ball! Looking forward to seeing you again.

Dipti – Thank you for a wonderful morning. Maya and her friends had a fabulous time. All of the parents were very impressed.

Dee – The birthday boy had great fun! Children ranged from 15 months to 11 years and there was always something for everyone to play with. I would recommend Mr Sparky to one and all.

Vanessa – Thank you so much for making the girls party such a success!

Debra – My girls had an awesome time at the event in Paradise Point in the holidays. Thank You!

Tricia – Thanks for a great morning. Perfect activities. My daughter age 6 loved it!

Jody – Thank you for putting on a great range of activities for all to enjoy. We had a fantastic time! My girls loved it. Looking forward to the next time.

Kerry – Loved the day. So many activities. Lots of children with smiling faces. Can’t wait for the next one!

Yolanda – It was a great day! The kids loved it. When we were walking to the car my eldest said “I wanna go again!”